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Quality standards

We believe it's important for patients and families to know about the quality of care in any organization before making a decision about where to go for treatment.

We monitor the quality of our care continually and use this information to guide our quality improvement efforts. We set our standards of care according to those recommended by well-respected institutions that have based their recommendations on scientific evidence and research.

In order to make this information available to you, we voluntarily participate in state and national projects that use advances in information technology to display organizational data on their websites.

Below are several websites that display information about the quality of our care and safety initiatives, with comparison data from other organizations that offer similar services and are of similar size to Craig General Hospital.

Hospital data

For data on the management of heart failure, pneumonia and heart attack go to www.cms.gov.

  • Click on "Quality Initiatives" in the left-hand column.
  • Under "Quality Initiatives," select "Hospital Quality Initiative."
  • Under "The National Voluntary Hospital Reporting Initiative," select "National Voluntary Reporting" and follow the steps to select Craig General Hospital.

Home health care

For data on quality measures, go to www.medicare.gov.

  • Click on "Compare Home Health Agencies."
  • Select search by "Name."
  • Enter "Craig General" and select "Oklahoma."
  • Click on "Select All Services."
  • Click on "Select All."
  • Click on "Select All."

To view the data in graph format, click on the "Quality Graphs" tab at the top of the page.

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