Dr. Allensworth biography

Despite his gift for storytelling, Ed Allensworth, MD, is not the kind of man who would wake up one morning and say, "I think I'll write a book about myself." The very idea that someone wanted to publish his story made him suspicious and edgy. He huffed, "What is this, some kind of early obituary?"

But those who know Dr. Allensworth know his stories are legendary. The biography is the brainchild of B. Joe Gunn, former Craig General Hospital CEO, who commissioned writer Kathleen Duchamp to craft the book. "This story is a part of history that belongs in your book collection," says Gunn. "But you’ll definitely read it cover to cover before you put it on the shelf."

Duchamp conducted numerous interviews with Dr. Allensworth's patients, hospital staff, friends, family and former students, and researched printed materials written about and by the doctor. After hours of interviews with Dr. Allensworth, Duchamp wove his entertaining and touching recollections into a work that goes beyond biography.

The result is one of the most captivating and inspiring life stories you will ever read. The 130-page hard cover book will feature more than 20 photographs. Between the forward by James E. Sooter and the epilogue by Tom McGeady, you’ll find details, in his own words, of:

  • The spring day in 1943 when he recognized his calling to become a doctor.
  • Playing husband and wife with Reba Cash in the school play and his continuing love for her 50 years later.
  • Lessons learned during medical school and residency that shaped his practice and his life.
  • His move to Vinita in 1963 with Dr. O. W. Dehart, and behind-the-scenes details of their 33-year partnership and friendship.
  • How he kept the devotion of his wife and children while putting medicine first.
  • His dedication to his patients, the community and the medical profession.
  • His life-changing stroke and his determination to recover.
  • The inspiring new directions his life is taking today.

Proceeds from the book are placed into a scholarship fund in Dr. Allensworth’s name through the Craig County Healthcare Foundation. It is available for purchase in the Craig General Hospital gift shop or by contacting Robin Kemp at

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